10th Class Social Science Money and Credit Question Bank 10th CBSE Social Science Money and Credit

  • question_answer    (a) "Most of the poor households still depend on the informal sector for loans, both in the rural and urban areas of India". Support this statement with three examples. (b) What values have you learnt from the given statement?         


                      (a) The examples are                                 (i) Banks are less in rural areas, whereas the informal    sources are present in all villages. (ii) Getting a loan from banks is much more difficult than taking a loan from informal sources, because banks require proper documents and collateral which most of the poor people do not possess. This is true for both urban and rural areas. (iii) Formal sources provide loans only for productive purposes, whereas informal sources provide credit for other purposes also. (b) From the given statement I have learnt the values of equality and awareness about money.

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