9th Class Science Force and laws of motion Question Bank 9th CBSE Science Force and laws of motion

  • question_answer   Describe Newton's third law of motion.  


                      According to this law, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When an object, say A, exert a force (action) on another object, say B, then B also exerts a force (reaction) on the A. These two forces are always equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. As shown in the above figure, if  the force exerted by body A on B andis the  force exerted by B on A, then according to Newton's third law, or    Force on A by B = - Force on B by A or                  Reaction = - Action This law clarifies that a single force can never exist and that the forces always exist in pairs. The two opposing forces are known as action and reaction. The forces of action and reaction always act on two different bodies.  


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