9th Class Social Science Democratic Rights Question Bank 9th CBSE Social Science Democratic Rights

  • question_answer   List out any four characteristics of Fundamental Rights.


                      Some rights which are fundamental to our life are given a special status in our Constitution, these are called Fundamental Rights. Some features of Fundamental Rights are as follow (i) Fundamental Rights are the promotion and enhancement of Human Rights. (ii) Fundamental    Rights    primarily    protect individuals from any arbitrary state action. But some rights are enforceable against individuals. For  instance,   the  Constitution  abolishes un touch ability and also prohibits 'begar'. (iii) These rights are not absolute or uncontrolled and are subject to reasonable restrictions. (iv) Fundamental Rights given in the Constitution are universal, justiciable and comprehensive. Universal means they are for all the citizens of India without any discrimination. Justiciable means individual can move to the court if his rights are violated, comprehensive means these rights safeguard our social, economic, cultural and religious interest.


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