9th Class Social Science Democratic Rights Question Bank 9th CBSE Social Science Democratic Rights

  • question_answer   Draw a web interconnecting different rights discussed in  this chapter i.e., right to freedom of movement is  connected to the freedom of occupation. One reason for this is that freedom of movement enables a person to go to place of work within ones village or city or to another village, city or state.                                  Similarly, this right can be used for pilgrimage, connected with freedom to follow one's religion. Draw a circle for each right and mark arrows that show connection between or among different rights. For each arrow, give an example that  shows the linkage.             


                      The arrow labels details are given below (i) In case, somebody is not allowed to work in a particular job even though selected, he can approach the court for restoring this right. (ii) If somebody is not allowed access to a public place because of his caste, he can approach the court for restoring this right. (iii) If a person is accused for a crime, he can engage a lawyer to defend him. (iv) Freedom to work anywhere in the country. (v) Establishing an educational institution for a minority community. (vi) Somebody going for a pilgrimage. (vii) We can conduct a peaceful demonstration in a group against some government policies, which affect us adversely.


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