9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank 9th CBSE Social Science Electoral Politics

  • question_answer   In our country, all the citizens aged 18 years and above can vote in an election. Every citizen has the right to vote, regardless of his or her caste, religion or gender. Some criminals and persons with unsound mind can be denied the right to vote, but only in rare situations. It is the responsibility of the government to get the names of all the eligible voters put on the voters' list.                       Read the passage and answer the following questions (a) Which fundamental political right is talked about in the passage?                        (b) Who are denied from casting their vote in rare situations?                             (c) What values you have learnt from the above passage?     


                      (a) Right to Vote is talked about in this passage.            (b) Some criminals and persons with an unsound mind can be denied from casting their vote in rare  situations.                                          (c) From the given passage I have learnt, the value of equality as every person in India has right to vote, who attained the age of 18 years and every vote should have equal value.


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