9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank 9th CBSE Social Science Electoral Politics

  • question_answer   Surekha is an officer incharge of ensuring free and fair elections in an Assembly constituency in a state. Describe what should she focus on for each of the following stages of election. Election Campaign (b) Polling Day                           (c) Counting Day


                      (a) Election Campaign During the election, Surekha should ensure that candidates or their supporters do not §  use muscle power and threaten the voters. §  use money power to influence the voters. §  use government machinery and resources. §  spend more money than the limit fixed by the Election Commission. §  distribute money or other things (saris, sewing machines, umbrellas) among voters during election campaign. §  ask for votes in the name of caste or religion. (b) Polling Day On polling day Surekha has to ensure that §  booth capturing does not take place. §  fake or bogus votes are not cast. §  poor and weaker sections of society are able to cast their vote freely and without fear. §  no unauthorised person should be allowed to enter polling booth. (c) Counting Day On the counting day, Surekha will have to ensure that §  the voting machines are intact. §  the counting should begin in the presence of the candidates and their agents. §  counting should be done carefully and accurately. §  no unauthorised person should be allowed into the counting centre. §  after the counting, results are declared by the authorised official.

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