1st Class English Adjectives Question Bank Adjectives

  • question_answer Directions: Read the passage below and answer the questions from the options given below There are many important incidents in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. One of the mis when he was in school and there was an inspection by Mr. Giles. Mr. Giles was the Education Inspector. The Education Inspector decided to take dictation test of the students in the class. He took gave them five words. Gandhi ji answered all the words correctly, except for one. That word was 'Kettle. The teacher tried to help him/asking him to copy the correct spelling from one of his neighbouring child's slates. But Gandhiji was so honest, that he refused to do so. All the other children had all the spellings correct except for Gandhiji. He was even punished for that. He was at ruthful and a strong person. The number of adjectives used in the above passage is

    A) 2                                 

    B) 3           

    C) 4                                 

    D) 6

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

            Honest, truthful and strong


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