4th Class English Adverbs Question Bank Adverbs

  • question_answer The adverbs in the grid are between.

    A) 30 - 40            

    B)          50 - 60    

    C) 10 - 20                        

    D) 90 - 100

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

             the total number of adverbs are 58, hence the answer is ?b?.....between 50 and 60. Across              Again               Ahead         Almost Already                        Also                 Always        Anywhere Apart               Away               Back           Before Behind             Below              Briskly         Down Early                Easily               Fast            First Forever                        Forward           Gently         Greatly Hence              High                Homeward   However Little                Long                Loudly         Monthly Nearby             Never               Nowhere      Often Once                Presently          Quickly                    Quietly Quite               Rarely              Rather          Really Short                Slowly              Softly        Sometimes Somewhere      Soon                Then         There Today              Tomorrow        Upward     Weekly Wisely              Yesterday


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