4th Class English Adverbs Question Bank Adverbs

  • question_answer Direction: Complete the passage with suitable adverbs. Today I helped my mom cook dinner. We __(46)__ cut the vegetables and __(47) __ placed them into a boiling pot of water. Next, mom __(48)__ browned the chicken and __(49) __ let it cook through. I __(50)__ waited for my next job, which was to __(51) __ sprinkle spices into the soup. But, I __(52)__ poured in too much cumin. I __(53)__told my mom my mistake, and she __(54)__ told me, as a child, she had __(55)__ made the same mistake.

    A) really                           

    B) eagerly       

    C) happily                        

    D) slowly

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :



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