1st Class Science Air, Water and Weather Question Bank Air and Water

  • question_answer One of the three things which makes the air dirty is given in this word grid. Find the names of the other two things and match them with the pictures of their respective sources.     

    A) 1-(b),   2-(a),    3-(c)

    B) 1-(c),   2-(a),    3-(b)

    C) 1-(a),   2-(b),    3-(c)           

    D) 1-(c),   2-(b),    3-(a)

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    (1) is dust, (2) is smoke and (3) is germ. A foot mat has a lot of dust. Beating a foot mat releases dust in air and makes it dirty. A moving vehicle releases smoke in the air. Sneezing or coughing releases germs in the air.         


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