2nd Class Science Air, Water and Weather Question Bank Air, Water and Weather

  • question_answer Direction: Read the passage carefully and answer the following question. What we eat and drink, and types of clothes we wear depends on weather. In summers, we like to drink something cold and in winters, we like to drink something hot. Fruits like mangoes, litchi and watermelon are there in summer. In winter we get fruit like oranges, grapes, apples and guavas. Carrots, cabbage, green peas and radishes are winter vegetables. Cucumber pumpkin and bottle gourd are summer vegetables.             Which of the following is not a winter fruit?         

    A)           Grapes

    B)                                               Guavas

    C)                    Apples

    D)                                   Watermelon

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

         Water melon is a summer fruit.


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