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  • question_answer There are two neighbours, one has 6 oxen and other has 8 cows, and they have common field for the grazing of the cattle. They use the field for their cattle turn wise for feeding them. The 6 oxen or the 8 cows can graze the field in 25 days. In how much time will 1 ox and 2 cows graze the same field if left together?

    A) 40 days              

    B)        60 days

    C)        50 days               

    D)        55 days

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Explanation Option [b] is correct. According to the question, Time taken by 8 cows = Time taken by 6 oxen. Time taken by 1 cow = Time taken by \[\frac{6}{8}\] oxen. Time taken by 2 cows = \[\frac{6}{8}\times 2=\frac{3}{2}\,\,oxen\,\,\,\,.\] 1 ox and 2 cows = 1 oxen + \[\frac{3}{2}\,\] oxen = \[\frac{2+3}{2}\] = \[\frac{5}{2}\] oxen. Now, 6 oxen can graze the field in 25 days 1 oxen can graze the field in \[25\times ~6=150\text{ }days.\] \[\frac{5}{2}\] oxen (1 oxen and 2 cows) can graze the field in \[\frac{150}{2.5}~=60\text{ }days\]


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