4th Class Mental Ability Analytical Reasoning Question Bank Analytical Reasoning

  • question_answer If the second day of a 30 day month is a Friday, which of the following would be the last day of the next month which has 31 days?

    A)  Sunday               

    B)  Monday

    C)  Tuesday            

    D)         Data inadequate

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     The second day of the month is Friday. Number of days left in the present month: 28  ays. Number of days in the next month: 31 days Total number of days from second day of a month to last day of the next month: 59 days. Friday repeats after every 7 days, so 56th day is  Friday. 57th day: Saturday. 58th day: Sunday. 59th day: Monday. Hence, answer is option [b].


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