1st Class Science Animals Question Bank Animal Life

  • question_answer Match the following animals in Column 1 with their homes in Column II.
    Column-I Column-II
    (p) (i)
    (q) (ii)  
    (r) (iii)
    (s)                (iv)

    A) p-(iv)     q-(iii)     r-(ii)       s-(i)

    B) p-(ii)      q-(i)       r-(iv)      s-(iii)

    C) p-(iii)     q-(i)       r-(ii)       s-(iv)

    D) p-(i)       q-(ii)      r-(iii)      s-(iv)

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Lion lives in den, rabbit in burrow, horse in stable and bee in beehive.


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