1st Class English Animal World Question Bank Animal World

  • question_answer Directions: Read the passage below and fill in the blanks from the options given below                                                    Once upon a time there was a baby deer ___ (21) called Bhola. It was very naughty. It always wanted to explore the world around, but its mother stopped it from going out alone. One day, in the morning when Bhola's mother had gone out, it met elephant Jumbo's kid, Elly ___ (22) they became friends. Elly also wanted to wander but its mom did not allow it. So one day when both of their mothers were not at home, both Elly and Bhola decided to go out. On the way they met Hoa, _ (23) _(Horses son), Ganga__(24)(cow's daughter) and Mee __(25)_(Cat baby). All of them became friends. All of them kept on wandering, till they met a __ (26) (Lion's Kid). It looked like a cat. The lion's baby also joined them. While they were playing, they met Gogo __ (27) _ (goat baby). Gogo was so happy to see them playing, it also joined them. They kept on playing till they met Duccky ___ (28) (duck baby). Duccky also joined them. AII of them played for some more time. They all played till it was dark.

    A) Kitten    

    B) Fawn         

    C) Cub                

    D)          Kid

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :



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