1st Class English Animal World Question Bank Animal World

  • question_answer Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions from the options given below                                     Shyam was very sad today. All his friends had pets. But he did not have any. His friend Sameer had a (baby dog)_(36),Kumud had a( baby parrot)___(37), and Ram had a( baby gold fish)____(38). Shyam also wanted to have a baby dog as a pet. He loved dogs. His parents refused to get one. They said that their house was too small for a dog. Sadly, he went out to a park near his house. It had a small pond. Suddenly he saw a yellow (baby frog___ (39) staring at him. He picked up the frog baby and ran back home. His mother refused to keep that frog baby in her house. She said that it will croak all the time and create noise. Shyam went out. There he met his friend Sam with a brown baby turtle___ (40). Sam wanted to exchange his baby turtle with that frog. Shyam exchanged that baby turtle with his frog. Shyam took that turtle home. His mom allowed him to keep that turtle. Shyam was very happy after that.

    A) Tadpole     

    B) Duckling      

    C) Puppy             

    D)          Colt

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :



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