4th Class Science Animals Question Bank Animals

  • question_answer Ten male animals each of type X and Y were living together for few months in captivity in a well-defined area (full of greenery). Other types of animals were not present in this area. Then an animal Z was introduced in this area. After few days, their numbers were counted as shown here.
    X Y Z
    10 2 1
    What does this indicate?

    A) Z is a carnivore.             

    B)        Y is a herbivore.

    C)        X is a herbivore.            

    D)        All of these

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    X and Y are herbivores hence they did not fed on each other when kept together in captivity and their numbers did not change. Z is a carnivore that fed on Y that is why after introduction of Z, number of Y declined to two.


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