1st Class Science Animals Question Bank Animals

  • question_answer Match the columns and select the correct option.
    Column I (Animals) Column II (Sounds)
    (A) Cow 1. Roar
    (B) Frog 2. Croak
    (C) Lion 3. Coo
    (D) Pigeon              4. Moo

    A)  \[a-1,\text{ }b-2,\text{ }c-3,\text{ }d-4\]

    B)  \[a-4,\text{ }b-2,\text{ }c-1,\text{ }d-3\]

    C)  \[a-4,\text{ }b-3,\text{ }c-2,\text{ }d-1\]

    D)  \[a-3,\text{ }b-2,\text{ }c-4.\text{ }d-1\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Not Available


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