4th Class English Articles Question Bank Articles

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    Fill in the blanks using the correct options.
    She went to ________ bed with ________high fever.                 

    A)                  a, a       

    B)                  the, No article

    C)                  the, the

    D)                  No article, a  

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

                     There should be no article before the word 'bed', as here, 'went to bed' is simple past tense of 'go to bed', describing her action. The word 'bed' is not a stand- alone word, but is a part of the action-verb. Indefinite article 'a' should be added before 'high fever' as 'fever' is a common noun of which, 'high' as an adjective of positive degree, only describes the general condition.


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