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  • question_answer A thin flat Plate \[2\,m\,\times \,2\,m\] is hanging freely in air. The temperature of the surrounding is \[25{}^\circ C.\] Solar radiation is falling on one side of the plate at the rate of 500 \[W/{{m}^{2}}.\] What should be the convective heat Transfer coefficient in \[W/{{m}^{2}}{}^\circ C,\] if the temperature of The plate is to remain constant at \[30{}^\circ C?\]

    A) 25                                

    B) 50

    C) 100                              

    D) 200

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    \[Q={{h}_{c}}\,A.dt\] 500 \[={{h}_{c}}\times 2\times 2\,\left( 30-25 \right)\] \[{{h}_{c}}=\frac{500}{20}=25\,W/{{m}^{2}}C\]

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