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  • question_answer 6.0 kJ of conduction heat transfer has to take place in 10 minutes from one end to other end of a metallic cylinder of 10 cm cross-sectional area, length 1 metre and thermal conductivity as 100 W/m.K. What is the temperature difference between the two ends of the cylindrical bar?

    A) \[80{}^\circ C\]            

    B) \[100{}^\circ C\]

    C) \[120{}^\circ C\]                      

    D) \[160{}^\circ C\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    \[Q=kA\,\frac{\left( {{t}_{1}}-{{t}_{2}} \right)}{L}\] \[{{t}_{1}}-{{t}_{2}}=\frac{QL}{kA}=\frac{6\times {{10}^{3}}}{100\times 60\times 100\times 10\times {{10}^{-\,4}}}\]             \[=\,100{}^\circ C\]

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