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  • question_answer The following data refers to an open belt drive:
    Pulley A Pulley B
    Purpose?. Driving Driving
    Diameter?. 450  mm 750 mm
    Angle of contact?. \[{{\theta }_{A}}\,=\,150\] \[{{\theta }_{B}}\,=\,210{}^\circ \]
    Coefficient of friction between belt and pulley \[{{f}_{A}}\,=\,0.36\] \[{{f}_{B}}\,=\,0.22\]
    The ratio of tensions may be calculated using the Relation \[({{T}_{1}}/{{T}_{2}})\,=\]exp (z) where z is:

    A) \[{{f}_{A}}{{\theta }_{A}}\]                            

    B) \[{{f}_{B}}{{\theta }_{B}}\]

    C) \[({{f}_{A}}+{{f}_{B}})\,({{\theta }_{A}}+{{\theta }_{B}})/4\]           

    D) \[({{f}_{A}}{{\theta }_{A}}+{{f}_{B}}{{\theta }_{B}})/2\]

    Correct Answer: B

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