10th Class Mathematics Circles Question Bank Circles

  • question_answer PQ is a chord of a circle, which on producing, meets the tangent TR at R. If PQ = 5 cm and QR = 4 cm, find TR.

    A)  3 cm                     

    B)         6 cm

    C)  9 cm                     

    D)         10 cm

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     \[\therefore \] \[=\text{17}\times \text{23}=\text{391}\] \[=\text{2}\times \text{3}\times {{\text{5}}^{\text{2}}}\times \text{7}\times \text{l7}\times \text{23}=\text{41}0\text{55}0\]\[\pi \] \[\frac{22}{7}\] \[\frac{22}{7}\]

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