4th Class Science Food, Shelter and Cloths Question Bank Clothing

  • question_answer Match column I with column II and select the correct option.
    Column I Column II
    (a) Dirty clothes 1. Make you feel uncomfortable
    (b) Tight clothes 2. Can make you sick
    (c) Warm clothes 3. Protect you from rain
    (d) Cotton clothes 4. Protect you from cold
    (e) Waterproof clothes 5. Make you feel cool

    A)  (a)-1, (b)-4, (c)-3, (d)-2, (e)-5

    B)  (a)-5, (b)-3, -2, (d)-1, (e)-4

    C)  (a)-2, (b)-1, (c)-4, (d)-5, (e)-3

    D)  (a)-3, (b)-2, (c)-4, (d)-1, (e)-5

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

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