4th Class Science Food, Shelter and Cloths Question Bank Clothing

  • question_answer People wear different clothes depending upon the climate and cultural tradition of the place they live in. The traditional dress of Kerala consists of

    A)  Phiran and Kimono       

    B)  Hanbok and Mundu

    C)  Mundu and Neriyathu           

    D)  Kimono and Neriyathu.

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Mundu is a single piece cloth or garment worn around the waist and treated as bottom in Kerala. Worn by both men and women, mundu has its variants for both the genders. It looks similar to lungi or dhoti. For women, mundu and neriyathu are worn with a blouse. While mundu refers to the lower part of the garment that is worn waist downwards, neriyathu is the upper part of it, which is either tucked into the blouse or worn over the left shoulder.


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