8th Class Mental Ability Coding-Decoding Question Bank Coding Decoding

  • question_answer In a certain code 'hua pih of pu' means 'he is very intelligent': 'pih hua kup kit' means 'she is very fair'; 'luck uf hua' means 'Jai is intelligent' and 'uf kit pod' means 'fair and intelligent'; what code stands for Jai?

    A) kit                    

    B) hua

    C) luck      

    D)        pih

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Explanation Option [c] is correct. 1. hua pih uf pu \[\to \] he is very intelligent 2. pih hua kup kit \[\to \] she is very fair 3. luck uf hua \[\to \] Jai is intelligent 4. uf kit pod \[\to \] fair and intelligent The word 'Jai' is in 3rd sentence. Of the three codes , 'hua' is repeated in 1st and 2nd sentences and 'uf is repeated in 3rd and 4th sentence, so code 'luck' stands for 'Jai'.      


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