8th Class Science Combustion and Flame Question Bank Combustion and Flame

  • question_answer How is synthetic petrol produced?

    A)  From petroleum             

    B)                         From wood                       

    C)                         From coal          

    D)                         From L.P.G.

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    The Bergius Process is a very simple process for converting brown coal completely into crude oil. It was invented by Dr. Friedrich Bergius. In this process, brown coal, also known as lignite is powdered and mixed with heavy oil and heated with hydrogen under high pressure of about 200-250 atm. and a temperature of about 748 K in the presence of iron oxide as catalyst. The vapours on condensation give a liquid resembling crude oil. This is called synthetic petrol, which on fractional distillation gives petrol (gasoline).


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