7th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Comprehension Prose and Poetry

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    Read the following stories and answer the questions that follow:
    Once there was a miser who sold all his possessions and, with the money, bought a great lump of gold He dug a deep hole at the edge of the garden, and there he buried his gold Once a day, thereafter, the miser went to the garden, dug up his gold, and embraced it lovingly.
    One of the miser's workmen wondered why his master spent so much time in the garden. One day, he hid behind a tree and soon discovered the secret of the hidden treasure.
    That night, when the miser was fast asleep, the workman crept into the garden and stole the lump of gold.
    When the miser found that his gold was gone, he tore his hair and cried aloud in his despair. A neighbour came running to see what was the matter, and the grief-stricken miser told him what had happened.
    Then the neighbour said, "Pray stop your weeping. Go and find a stone. Place the stone in the hole and imagine that it is your lump of gold The stone will serve your purpose, for you never meant to use the gold anyway."
    "To a miser, what he has is of no more use than what he has not."
    Why did the miser spend so much time in the garden?

    A) He was fond of flowers.

    B) He used to guard the hidden gold

    C) He used to touch his gold lovingly.  

    D) He used to dig up a new hole daily.

    Correct Answer: C

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