7th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Comprehension Prose and Poetry

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    Read the following stories and answer the questions that follow:
    In the middle of the big river, the river that began in the mountains and ended in the sea, was a small island. The river swept round the island, sometimes clawing at banks, but never going right over it. A small hut stood on the island, a mud-walled hut with a sloping thatched roof. The hut had been built into a huge rock, so only three of the walls were mud, and the fourth was rock.
    A few goats grazed on the short grass which grew on the island. Some hens followed them about. There was a melon patch and a vegetable patch.
    In the middle of the island stood a peepal tree. It was on old tree. Many years ago, a seed had been carried to the island by a strong wind, had found shelter between two rocks, had taken root there, and had sprung up to give shade and shelter to a small family.
    Grandfather was mending a fishing-net. He had fished in the river for ten years, and he was a good fisherman. He knew where to find the slim silver chilwa, the big beautiful mahseer and the long moustached singhara; he knew where the river was deep and where it was shallow; he knew which baits to use - which fish liked worms and which liked gram. He had taught his son to fish, but his son had gone to work in a factory in a city, nearly a hundred miles away. He had no grandson; but he had a granddaughter, Sita, and she could do them better. She had lost her mother when she was very small. Grandmother had taught her all the things a girl should know. But neither of her grandparents could read or write, and as a result Sita couldn't read or write either.
    How had the peepal tree grown between two rocks?

    A) The tree had broken a big rock and divided into two.

    B) The seed of peepal was carried by wind and grew between two rocks.  

    C) It was grown there by a small family.

    D) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

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