JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry GOC Question Bank Critical Thinking

  • question_answer Examine the following three pairs of possible isomers Now state whether the pairs represent identical compounds or different isomers

    A) All three pairs represent different compounds

    B) (ia) and (ib) are identical; (iia) and (iib) are identical; and (iiia) and (iiib) are identical

    C) (ia) and (ib) are isomers; (iia) and (iib) are identical; and (iiia) and (iiib) are isomers

    D) (ia) and (ib) are identical; (iia) and (iib) are identical, and (iiia) and (iiib) are isomers

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

      Both 1, 2-dichloro benzene Hence, identical compounds. Both, 1, 3-dimethyl benzene Hence, identical compounds. (iiia) and (iiib) are position isomers.


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