JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry The d-and f-Block Elements Question Bank Critical Thinking

  • question_answer In nitroprusside ion, the iron and \[NO\] exist as \[F{{e}^{II}}\] and \[N{{O}^{+}}\] rather than \[F{{e}^{III}}\] and \[NO\]. These forms can be differentiated by [IIT-JEE 1998]

    A) Estimating the concentration of iron

    B) Measuring the concentration of \[C{{N}^{-}}\]

    C) Measuring the solid state magnetic moment

    D) Thermally decomposing the compound

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

      The existence of \[F{{e}^{2+}}\] and \[N{{O}^{+}}\] in Ntroprusside ion \[{{[Fe{{(CN)}_{5}}NO]}^{2-}}\] can be established by measuring the magnetic moment of the solid compound which should correspond to \[(F{{e}^{2+}}=3{{d}^{6}})\] four unpaired electrons.


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