8th Class Science Crop Production and Management Question Bank Crop Production and Microorganisms

  • question_answer Match the following:
    Column A Column B
    (I) Sowing [A] Butachlor
    (II) Irrigation [B] Sickle
    (III) Weeding [C] Seed drill
    (IV) Harvesting [D] Drip system

    A) (I - D), (II - A), (III - C), (IV - B)

    B) (I - C), (II - D), (III - B), (IV - A)

    C) (I - C), (II - D), (III - A), (IV - B)

    D) (I - B), (II - D), (III - A), (IV - C)

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Not Available


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