8th Class Mathematics Data Handling Question Bank Data Handling

  • question_answer The table shows the number of three different brands of laptops sold by a certain store. The data is represented by the pie chart which shows a semicircle divided into six equal sectors.
    Brand Number of laptops
    Acer 60
    Dell 40
    Compaq 20
    What is the angle of sector representing the number of Dell laptops sold?

    A)          \[\angle POR\]                

    B)                         \[\angle ROV\]                

    C)                                         \[\angle QOT\]                

    D)                         \[\angle POU\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    The semicircular region is divided into 6 equal parts (sectors). Therefore, each sector has a central angle of \[{{30}^{o}}\]. Angle of sector representing Dell laptops sold \[=\frac{40}{120}\times {{360}^{o}}={{120}^{o}}=4\times {{30}^{o}}\] In the pie chart \[\angle ROV=4\times {{30}^{o}}\] So, \[\angle ROV\]gives the angle of the sector representing the number of Dell laptops sold.


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