5th Class Mathematics Data Handling Question Bank Data Handling

  • question_answer The bar graph shows the amount of money Shreya and Meena saved from March to July. Who saved more and by how much during 5 months?

    A)  Shreya, Rs. 10   

    B)  Meena, Rs. 10     

    C)  Shreya, Rs. 20   

    D)  Meena, Rs. 20

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Total amount of money saved by Shreya = Rs. \[40+60+70+100+110\] = Rs. 380 Total amount of money saved by Meena = Rs. \[\left( 60+30+90+90+120 \right)\]= Rs.  390 So, Meena saved Rs. 10 more than Shreya.


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