5th Class Mathematics Decimals Question Bank Decimals

  • question_answer A nylon string \[18\,\,m\] long is cut into equal pieces of \[0.2\,\,m\] each. How many equal pieces are obtained?

    A)  \[180\]                         

    B)           \[90\]               

    C)           \[9\]                            

    D)           \[360\]             

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Total length of the string \[=18\,\,m\] Length of each equal part\[=0.2\,\,m\] \[\therefore \]No. of pieces\[=\frac{18\,\,m}{0.2\,\,m}=\frac{180}{2}=90\]


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