8th Class Mathematics Direct and Inverse Proportions Question Bank Direct and Inverse Proportions

  • question_answer A shopkeeper has just enough money to buy 52 cycles worth Rs. 525 each. If each cycle were to cost Rs. 21 more, then number of cycles, he will be able to buy with that amount of money, is _____.

    A)  40                              

    B)  30      

    C)  50                  

    D)         20      

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Cost of one cycle = Rs. 525 \[\therefore \] Cost of 52 cycles                         \[\text{=Rs}\text{. 525 }\!\!\times\!\!\text{ 52=Rs}\text{. 27300}\] New cost of one cycle                         \[\text{=Rs}\text{. (525+21)=Rs}\text{. 546}\] So, number of cycles bought with Rs. 27300 \[\text{=}\frac{27300}{546}=50\]


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