8th Class Mathematics Direct and Inverse Proportions Question Bank Direct and Inverse Proportions

  • question_answer Match the following.
    Column - I Column - II
    P. \[x\] and \[y\] are in direct proportion and \[x=40\] when \[y=120\]. If \[x=60\] then \[y=\] (i) 160
    Q. \[x\] varies inversely as \[y\] and \[x=12\] when \[y=300\], if \[x=24\] then \[y=\] (ii) 180
    R. \[x\] varies directly as \[y\] and \[y=50\] when \[x=30\], if \[x=96\] then \[y=\] (iii) 130
    S. \[x\] varies inversely as \[y\] and \[y=650\] when \[x=20\], if \[x=100\] then \[y=\] (iv) 150

    A)  P\[\to \](iv); Q\[\to \](i); R\[\to \](iii); S\[\to \](ii)

    B)  P\[\to \](ii); Q\[\to \](iv); R(i); S(iii)

    C)  P\[\to \](iv); Q\[\to \](i); R\[\to \](iii); S\[\to \](ii)

    D)  P\[\to \](ii); Q\[\to \](iv); R\[\to \](i); S\[\to \](iii)

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    P. According to question, \[\frac{40}{120}=\frac{60}{y}\] Or \[y=\frac{60\times 120}{40}=180\] Q. According to question, \[12\times 300=24\times y\] or \[y=\frac{12\times 300}{24}=150\]. R. According to question, \[\frac{30}{50}=\frac{96}{y}\] Or \[y=\frac{96\times 50}{30}=160\]           S. According to question, \[20\times 650=100\times y\] Or \[y=\frac{20\times 650}{100}=130\]


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