8th Class Mathematics Direction Sense Question Bank Direction Sense

  • question_answer DIRECTIONS: These questions are based on the following information. Farmer Batuk Singh has a larger square field divided into nine smaller square fields, all equal, arranged in three rows of three fields each. One side of the fields runs exactly east-west. The middle square must be planted with rice because it is wet. The wheat and barley should be continuous so that they can be harvested all at once by the mechanical harvester. Two of the field should be planted with soyabeans. The north westernmost field should be planted with peanuts and the southern third of the field is suitable only for vegetables. Now select the correct answers for the following question from the codes given above. Which square cannot be planted with wheat?

    A) The square immediately north of the rice.

    B) The square immediately east of the rice.

    C) The square immediately west of the rice.     

    D) The square immediately north east of the rice.

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

        The square immediately west of the rice field cannot be planted with wheat.          


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