Railways Technical Ability Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Question Bank Fluid Mechanics

  • question_answer If a hydraulic press has a ram of 12.5 cm diameter and plunger of 1.25 cm diameter, what force would be required on the plunger to raise a mass of 1 tonne on the ram?

    A) 981 N               

    B) 98.1 N

    C) 9.81 N              

    D) 0.98 N

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    \[\frac{F}{\left( \frac{\pi }{4}\times {{(1.25)}^{2}} \right)}=\frac{1000\times 9.81}{\frac{\pi }{4}\times {{(12.5)}^{2}}}\] \[F={{\left( \frac{1.25}{1.25} \right)}^{2}}\times 1000\times 9.81=98.1\,N\]

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