Railways Technical Ability Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Question Bank Fluid Mechanics

  • question_answer Which one of the following is the expression for momentum thickness \[\theta \] of a boundary layer?

    A) \[\theta ={{\int\limits_{0}^{\delta }{\left[ 1-\frac{U}{{{U}_{0}}} \right]}}^{2}}\,dy\]

    B) \[\theta ={{\int\limits_{0}^{\delta }{\left[ 1-\frac{U}{{{U}_{0}}} \right]}}^{2}}\,dy\]

    C) \[\theta =\int\limits_{0}^{\delta }{\,\frac{U}{{{U}_{0}}}\left[ 1-\frac{U}{{{U}_{0}}} \right]}\,\,dy\]

    D) \[\theta =\int\limits_{0}^{\delta }{\,\frac{U}{{{U}_{0}}}\left[ 1-\,{{\left( \frac{U}{{{U}_{0}}} \right)}^{2}} \right]}\,\,dy\]

    Correct Answer: C

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