4th Class Science Food Question Bank Food

  • question_answer Read the paragraph below and interpret what is the message it conveys?
    There is no country as diverse in culture and tradition as India. Food in India is no exception. You cannot count the food item in terms of the number of states. Even as an Indian you may not be aware of the myriad food specialties specific to the regions. Yes, few item are so popular that these are served in almost all restaurants in India and worldwide. Few of this food in India are south Indian food, North Indian delicacies, Bengali food, and more.
    The paragraph throws light on

    A) Diversity of food in India,             

    B) Diversity of states in India.

    C) Diversity of religions in India,         

    D) Diversity of languages in India.

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    The paragraph throws light on the diversity of food in India from north Indian to south Indian etc.


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