JEE Main & Advanced Physics Vectors Question Bank Fundamentals of Vectors

  • question_answer A boy walks uniformally along the sides of a rectangular park of size 400 m× 300 m, starting from one corner to the other corner diagonally opposite. Which of the following statement is incorrect                                 [HP PMT 1999]

    A)            He has travelled a distance of 700 m

    B)            His displacement is 700 m

    C)            His displacement is 500 m

    D)            His velocity is not uniform throughout the walk

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

                         Displacement \[\overrightarrow{AC}=\overrightarrow{AB}+\overrightarrow{BC}\]                    \[AC=\sqrt{{{(AB)}^{2}}+{{(BC)}^{2}}}=\sqrt{{{(400)}^{2}}+{{(300)}^{2}}}=500m\]                    Distance \[=AB+BC=400+300=700m\]

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