4th Class Mathematics Geometry Question Bank Geometry

  • question_answer State true/false of the following statements. A: All the faces of the lunch box are square in shape. B: There are 5 faces of a lunch box. C: One of the face is a circle. D: Two faces are square.

    A) FTFF                          

    B) TFTF        

    C) TTTF                          

    D) FTFF

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

        Since, all the faces of the lunch box are not square in shape: So, statement A is false. Since, there are 6 faces of a lunch box. So, statement B is false. Since, no face is circle. So, statement C is false. Since, two faces are squares. So, statement b is true. Therefore, the answer is option (d) FFFT


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