4th Class Mathematics Data Handling Question Bank Handling Data

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    Direction: Observe the given graph.                  Answer the following questions based on the graph.
    On Saturdays, the school functions from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. For how many minutes can the students play on a Saturday?

    A)  1 hour                        

    B)  15 minutes     

    C)  30 minutes   

    D)    20 minutes

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    The number of hours the school functions for on a Saturday = 4 The part of the circle graph that represents sports / games \[=\frac{1}{4}\]                  \[\therefore \] The time for which students can play at school on a Saturday \[=\frac{1}{4}\times \text{4 hours = 1hour}\]


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