JEE Main & Advanced Physics Current Electricity, Charging & Discharging Of Capacitors Question Bank Heating Effect of Current

  • question_answer Forty electric bulbs are connected in series across a 220 V supply. After one bulb is fused, the remaining 39 are connected again in series across the same supply. The illumination will be [NCERT 1972; Haryana CEE 1996; DPMT 2001]

    A)            More with 40 bulbs than with 39

    B)            More with 39 bulbs than with 40

    C)            Equal in both the cases

    D)            In the ratio of \[{{49}^{2}}:{{39}^{2}}\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

               When 1 bulb fuses, the total resistance of the circuit decreases hence the current increases. Since\[P={{i}^{2}}R\], therefore illumination increases.


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