JEE Main & Advanced Physics Current Electricity, Charging & Discharging Of Capacitors Question Bank Heating Effect of Current

  • question_answer If 2.2 kilowatt power is transmitted through a 10 ohm line at 22000 volt, the power loss in the form of heat will be [MP PMT/PET 1998]

    A)            0.1 watt                                 

    B)            1 watt

    C)            10 watt                                   

    D)            100 watt

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

                       For power transmission power loss in line \[{{P}_{L}}={{i}^{2}}R\] If power of electricity is P and it is transmitted at voltage V, then \[P=Vi\] Þ \[m=6.56\,\,g/s\,\]            \[{{P}_{L}}={{\left( \frac{P}{V} \right)}^{2}}R=\frac{{{P}^{2}}R}{{{V}^{2}}}\] \[=\frac{2.2\times {{10}^{3}}\times 2.2\times {{10}^{3}}\times 10}{22000\times 22000}=0.1W\]


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