1st Class Science Home: Our Family Friends and Neighbours Question Bank Home : Our Family, Friends and Neighbours

  • question_answer Direction: Fill in the blanks in the passage given below. House _____ (21) _____ us from rain, snow, heat and wind. People use wood, brick, and stones to make their _____ (22) _____. Kutcha house is made up of _____(23) _____. My mother cooks tasty food for me in the __________(24) _____ We welcome our _____(25) _____ in the drawing room. Brother of our father is called _____(26) _____. Uncle's children are my _________(27) _____ _____(28) _____ is the place where we study and learn. Friends of same class in a school are known as _____(29). All _____(30) of a family arc very important.            

    A)  aunt                  

    B)  wife

    C)  cousins             

    D)  mother

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :



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