8th Class Mental Ability Inserting Missing Number Question Bank Inserting Missing Number

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    A) 5                         

    B)        4

    C) 2                         

    D)        1

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Explanation Option [b] is correct. Letter H is 8th in order of alphabetical series. Taking the sum of number placed vertically outside the circle + 8; multiplying it by the number on the right; then subtracting the number on the left from the product, gives the number inside the circle, i.e., Step I    \[\to \]   \[4+8+4=16\] Step II               \[\to \]  \[16~\times \,5=80\] Step III              \[\to \]   \[8010=70\] Letter C is 3rd in order, so Step I   \[\to \]   \[2+3+5=10\] Step II               \[\to \]   \[10~\times \,3=30\] Step III              \[\to \]   \[304=26\] Similarly, J is 10th in order, so Step I    \[\to \]   \[8+10+6=24\] Step I!  \[\to \]   \[24\times ?\] Step III \[\to \]   \[(24\times ?)-6=90\] Simplifying the above equation: \[24\times ?=90+6,\text{ }i.e.,\text{ }96\Rightarrow ?=96\div ~24=4\]


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