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  • question_answer Propulsion efficiency of a jet engine is given by(where u is flight velocity and V is jet velocity relative to aircraft):

    A) \[\text{2}\,\text{u/}\left( \text{V}\,\,-\,\,\text{u} \right)\]                

    B) \[\left( \text{V}\,\,\text{+}\,\,\text{u} \right)\text{/2}\,\text{u}\]

    C) \[\text{2}\,\text{u/}\left( \text{V}\,\,\text{+}\,\,\text{u} \right)\]                 

    D) \[\left( \text{V}\,\,-\,\,\text{u} \right)\text{/2}\,\text{u}\]

    Correct Answer: C

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