8th Class Mathematics Introduction to Graphs Question Bank Introduction to Graphs

  • question_answer The following graph shows the number of books read by Ashok in a week. Find the ratio of number of books read on Tuesday and. Wednesday together to the total number of books read?

    A)  2 : 7               

    B)  3 : 7   

    C)  1 : 7               

    D)  6 : 7   

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Number of books read by Ashok on Tuesday and Wednesday \[\text{=18+14=32 books}\] Total Number of books read by Ashok =14+18+14+16+20+12+18 =112 books \[\therefore \] Required ratio \[=\frac{32}{112}=\frac{2}{7}=2:7\]


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